Company Background

PT Borindo Rekatama is a new name of our company, which was formerly known as PT Hareda Rekatama. PT Hareda Rekatama was established in 2008 and focus of its business is in mechanical fabrication and repair services.

PT Borindo Rekatama have permanent office and workshop, equipped with various machineries and other facility, which is located in Balikpapan city, East Kalimantan province.

PT Borindo Rekatama serve the oil & gas, mining, plantation, shipping, automotive and other industry. To maintaining its performance accordance with standards of quality. PT Borindo Rekatama are supported by skilled and experienced technicians and operators, and conducted by qualified team management. PT Borindo Rekatama operations also fully following the HSE procedures and under strict quality control measures in order to maintain and exceed industry and government standards regulation.

PT Borindo Rekatama has a hard effort to always maintain its performance and quality of work, also upgrade and apply for continuously improvement of management control system, manpower skills and knowledge, in order to fullfill the company’s commitment and main goal  i.e :” Customer Meet or Exceed Satisfaction”. As for their efforts implementation, in the face of market competition and the needs of today’s customer. PT Borindo Rekatama expends its service product, which are Valve Repair & Recondition, Generator Set and Engine overhaul services.

In the future, PT Borindo Rekatama are ready and able to compete positively in the open and global markets and strive to become a leader in providing these services.